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Prepositions of Time (At,In,On) Grammar Exercises (Electronic Version)

Prepositions of Time (At,In,On) Grammar Exercises (Electronic Version)

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Electronic worksheets only.


You will receive an email with a link to download the worksheet file after purchase. These worksheets are suitable for students above Grade 1.


For personal and educational use only. Please do not redistribute or resell.Suitable for primary/secondary/adult students


Worksheet Language: English


Visit YouTube English with Maggie for free grammar videos (explained in Chinese):


A total of 13 exercises are included, 2 of them cloze passage exercises (please refer to "content" for details).


Answers are included.


These exercises focus on the usage of "at", "in" and "on" in time.


Content :

- Cover Page

- Explanation of when to use "at", "in" and "on" with time.

- Exercise 1 to 11 (Fill in the blanks with "at", "in" and "on")

- Exercise 12-13 (Cloze passages/Fill in the blanks with "at", "in" and "on")

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