How to Purchase 如何購買

Choose the worksheet that you would like to purchase. 選擇你想購買的工作紙

Click "add to cart". 然後「加到購物車」

Although these are electronic products, you will still need to enter a shipping address. If you have a discount code, you can also enter it on this page (as shown by the arrow). 儘管這些是電子產品,您仍然需要輸入送貨地址。 如果您有折扣代碼,您也可以在此頁面上輸入(如箭頭所示)。

You will receive a download link after your successful payment. You will also receive an email with the same download link in case you accidentally close your browser. 付款成功後您將收到下載連結。 如果您不小心關閉了瀏覽器,您還會收到一封包含相同下載連結的電子郵件。